Social & Emotional Health Magnetic Pack

The Social & Emotional Health magnetic pack contains a total of 93 different picture magnets (£60 for Professional pack and £40 for School pack) A full lesson plan and pop lock folder is included with each pack. The pack helps to cover the following social & emotional health related topics:

Faces: We believe it’s important that you are able to choose the appropriate face for your class/group/individual. We have therefore created a number of faces that can be put together which include the key emotions happiness; sadness, anger and fear/afraid face. It’s possible to have 50+ different ‘facial expressions’ from the three faces provided.

Emoticons: Are a modern, fun and innovative way of communicating emotions. We have used a range of these generic emoticons for individuals to quickly identify their mood:

Scenarios: Each scenario hopefully resonates with the pupils so they can relate to how the people in the picture feel and how they would feel if they found themselves in a similar scenario.

Thought Bubbles: Feelings/emotions are often held ‘tightly’ inside. These though bubbles allow pupils to ‘show’ how they feel, without needing to explain those feelings in words.

Physical Feelings: When we are nervous we may get sweaty palms or butterfly’s in our stomach… when angry we may ball our fists… scared and our heart races… sad and feel as if our heart is broken. These physical feeling magnets can be used by pupils to indicate how their emotions are affecting them physically.