We are working on a brand new range of Magnetic Packs around RSE, Drug Education, Childbirth, Vaping and many other health related topics. We would also be happy to look at the production of bespoke boards/magnetic packs.

Maybe you would like a board about the Water Cycle, Solar System etc. If you have an idea of exactly what you want, or need help with a design/idea please do email us. You may also wish to have the text for your My BodyBoard produced in French, Spanish, German etc. This is something we would be happy to discuss with you.

We aim to be able to bring your ideas to life. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions about product design. We will be more than happy to then discuss with you how we could move forward with your ideas.

We recently worked with a specialist doctor in Haemocromatosis (Iron Overload) to create a campaign to bring awareness, new referrals, diagnosis and treatment to patients in the North of England. Our work was a combination of Graphic Design - banner production and leaflets - with Public Health expertise on the planned approach with GP's/Surgeries/NHS organisations. We really can help with your campaign to make it the very best... with eveidenced based outcomes that are long lived and sucessful.

We look forward to recieving an email from you