Magnetic Personality - Why not use Magnets to Publicise your Campaign?

If you have a show, exhibition, or just wanted to 'attract' attention to your service... then we can design and produce magents specific to your local, regional or national campaign. Our magnets are of the highest quality, manufactured in US/UK or Europe only and yet still priced at a very affordable rate. The larger the quantity purchased, the lower the individual price. An example is pictured here that could be altered to attract smokers to your local smoking cessation service.

Beacuse we have our own graphic designer, we can produce magnets that are specific to your organisation… maybe for a college indicating the great local service you provide… or a picture of the US's Eatwell Plate to encourage healthy eating… you name it... we can design it with you, for you. Please feel free to contact us via email to discuss how we can help your health education marketing take the next step forward.

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