The My Bodyboard Magnetic Boards

When you order your My Bodyboard for use with the magnetic packs please ensure you choose from the following two options:
(a) Professional (36" x 24" / 90 x 60 cm) or School sized board (24" x 18" / 60 x 45 cm)
(b) Single (body outline) or double-sided board (body outline and Eatwell Guide/My Plate on reverse)

Professional or School Sized Boards

Our My BodyBoards instantly grab attention and are large enough to set up as a display for use as an interactive tool in the largest of classroom/foyer/exhibition.

The board is made to take magnets securely, and can be safely placed on one of our telescopic easels (or the boards can be securely attached to a wall as a longstanding display).

My Bodyboard Pofessional Magnetic Board
36" x 24"

My Bodyboard School Magnetic Board
24" x 18"

Single or Double-sided Boards

Both the Professional and School My Bodyboards are available either single sided (outline of a body) or double-sided (outline of a body and on the reverse the UK Eatwell Guide or US My Plate version if requested).

My Bodyboard School Magnetic Board
Double-sided Board with UK Eatwell Guide

My Bodyboard School Magnetic Board < Single sided Board

My Bodyboard School Magnetic Board
Double-sided Board with USA My Plate

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, product ideas and orders by email. We accept Purchase Orders and provide discounts on large orders.