My BlobTree & My Playgound

Our My BlobTree & My Playground pack contains a double sided (62 x 42 cm) board and magnetic pack containing 64 different picture magnets - costing only 145. A full lesson plan and pop lock folder is included with each pack. This innovative product allows users to explore their feelings using the picture magnets provided. The Blob Tree is an internationally recognised tool, and when assembled on the magnetic board can be assembled as part of a display. The Blob Playground is an effective tool to help children discuss the main place each day where conflicts arise.

The magnets have been designed to allow teachers, teaching assistants, family learning mentors, ELSAs, SENCOs, youth workers etc. to work closely with an individual, group or class to explore their 'emotions/feelings' (including the main basic emotions such as; happy, sad, angry & afraid). It may be that a facilitator may wish to look at how a child/adult is feeling at that moment in time or the pack can be used to examine how pupils would feel in certain situations/scenarios. Many of the pictures can be applied as a number of different emotions leading to a discussion between the facilitator and individual/s.

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